Who Ya Gonna Call When Skype Sucks Balls? – Midnight Meat Locker

Who Ya Gonna Call When Skype Sucks Balls - Midnight Meat Locker

The Butchers are excited this week! Why, you ask? Ghostbusters is turning 30 and is heading back to theaters with a corresponding ultimate Blu-Ray release to mark the occasion, Scott Derrickson has been tapped to direct Marvel’s Doctor Strange, and Scream Factory is bringing the drive-in experience to a computer and tablet near you! As if these horror topics weren’t enough, this episode of Midnight Meat Locker also includes reviews of Birth of the Living Dead, Oculus, Escapade From Tomorrow and more!


The Killing Floor (Horror News)

The Chopping Block (Reviews)


  • Zack Daggy
  • Allen Sale
  • Thomas Churchill


  • Announcer Drew Weber
  • Music by Blue Stahli

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