Vote for a title!

Don’t have time to read but want to know what all the fuss is about? Have a listen to my Audioboo from this morning laying everything out in rambling fashion and/or read the below post when you have time!

Some quick notes before we dive into the real gist of this post. I have most of the things I want an need for live broadcasts so I’ll be ramping the Astral Audio Experience up in July after I get a new mic for when I’m working from the laptop. the show will highlight music and eventually samples from other shows. What shows? “Astral Audio Interviews” Simple enough. If it is an artist or content creator of some sort, here is where you’ll find out what’s going on. And if the person is a musician, songs from that particular act will be featured. “Astral Audio Autopsies” Where creative works get exhumed for examination by a group of people; someone who knows the work well, someone who has just been introduced to it, and someone who hasn’t been touched by the content to provide differing points of view. (This bit is open to changes so if you have any suggestions, make them.)

Today’s post is to open up the floor to discussion. There is a story I have in mind to write thanks to an album I bought in the spring of this year. I have a feeling it will be rooted in horror but only time will tell. You get to help decide the title. Leave a comment letting me know which one of the suggestions you like and why. It is that simple. Share this post so we can get a good sampling of opinions. Thanks for coming back to Astral Audio entertainment and I look forward to reading your thoughts. I’ll be back in a couple weeks letting you know which one wins out and how the story is shaping up!

title Ideas

“When The Night Comes”
“Rat Eyes”
“Seven White Horses”
“Tide Rider”
“Over Broken Bones”
“Running Of The Wildebeest”
“The Depths”
“Blackwater Fever”