Halloween 2015: The Tee And Pip Experience

Tee and pip hijack the Astral Audio Experience in a one hour interview covering the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences — What it is, their current Kickstarter, influences, what they hope to achieve if enough funds are raised, and more. Some of the highlights are given below. We covered so much; we are bound to miss some things.

It only takes about 1 minute and 28 seconds into the podcast for Tee and Pip to wax poetic about Proper Pie Co. Allen is highly tempted as a result and drops a hint about a Virginia visit.

After Pip fills you in on what is the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, we find out that Sonic Boom is getting a Star Wars education (with the original theatrical cut of the films thank you very much). (Rebellions are a common theme here. It all shakes out.)

Pip and Tee let the Kickstarter do its thing and Pip eats her fingers, (temporarily –magic was used in the repairing so fret not, she is back writing), because of an intense game by New Zealand’s All Blacks (Officially 2015 champions as of this post!!!).

At 9 minutes and 43 seconds, Pip lets the news slip regarding the lofty goal if $20,000 is raised. Your faces may go through Countless Hues of Crimson as a result.

We slow things down a bit and dive into some writerly discussion about management; writing partners taking leadership roles over projects to keep various tasks on track. (Project heads are valuable parts of the creative machine.) And we discover just what is the new epic fantasy the writing pair are working on; The Blood Road is best described as The Sopranos with dragons!

Tee tells us about a special chapter of the Social Media For Writers book about his new favorite thing, Periscope. Then Allen sneaks in a well-timed plug for Tales of a Tesla Ranger because the subject of trolls comes up.

In the latter half of the podcast, we discuss the gothic influences on the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, creepy dolls, (See why we have the Jonathan Coulton song as the theme for this episode?), what horror films Tee and Pip have watched this year (including the brilliant Ex Machina), talk about favorite films to watch around Halloween, and more.