Terminator Genesis

DJ Bring Doves - Midnight Meat Locker

envisions John Woo on a stripper poll, Thom wants a choo choo, and we swear that the Butchers aren’t high! Other topics on this completely random episode include, the… Continue Reading DJ Bring Doves – Midnight Meat Locker

Skeletorin - Midnight Meat Locker

nd Thom have lots of horror news to slice up this week, so grab your cleaver and prepare for the Midnight Meat Locker! Topics include Human Centipede 3 news,… Continue Reading Skeletorin – Midnight Meat Locker

RoboCock - Midnight Meat Locker

p serves and protects at the weekend box-office, Terminator meets Spock, and Beetlejuice fights Candyman in this “take two” episode of Midnight Meat Locker! Reviews include Nurse 3D and more!… Continue Reading RoboCock – Midnight Meat Locker