We Are Off To See The Lizard – Midnight Meat Locker

We Are Off To See The Lizard - Midnight Meat Locker

Godzilla is finally here, but Zack is missing! Luckily his fellow Butcher Allen Sale is here with his king-sized monster review of the atomic lizard’s American invasion. Thom is also in the Meat Locker at the Midnight hour, and he is leaking Lazarus news all over the place! Topics include Shining Prequel rumors, Omen TV Series announcements, All Cheerleaders Die reviews and much more!


The Killing Floor (Horror News)

  • Gareth Edwards to Direct Godzilla 2 and a Star Wars Film.
  • New Line Picks “It” Up.
  • Is a Shining Prequel in the Works?
  • Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead VOD and Blu-Ray Dates Leaked.
  • SyFy Pits Angeles Against Humans with Dominion.
  • Omen TV Series in the Works.

The Chopping Block (Reviews)


  • Zack Daggy
  • Allen Sale
  • Thomas Churchill


  • Announcer Drew Weber
  • Music by Blue Stahli

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