Raising the curtain on new creative ventures.

Why come up with one idea when you can create several! It is like a transdimensional creature sprouting new tentacles. I have my limits though so some really vague concepts won’t be done right now. What I will attempt to do in this post is lay out the projects from most important to least which I feel need to be developed. This is also my way to hold myself accountable, let you know what is in the works, and get your feedback. (This post was inspired by Tee Morris.

Project Harbinger

(Tentative title.)

Let’s focus on the big one for a second. No. Really I mean it. This is the project that will be a long term venture. By “long term venture” I don’t mean ten years or more. That is unrealistic in the universe audio space creates unless money is coming in to support it. Instead, we will call this a three to five year mission. (Hold your fire Star Trek nerds. Stay with me here.)

What is it?

The basic blurb (that is subject to change):

A man in seclusion gets called back into service by a brash upstart. He will bring a symbol, (a ship called the Harbinger), long dead back to life. A widowed father, (who’s going blind), struggles with wanting to keep his daughter alive and with her destined role. A daughter is trying to find her place as one of the chosen without knowing what lurks inside her waiting
to be unleashed. An alien race, (think not of this
dimension), has its finger prints in various places; using the universe as its sandbox.

Several plot threads to juggle and they don’t all have to be dealt with in one season. I’m excited for what could be a lot of fun to produce and explore along the way. There will be elements of Dune and Star Trek to be sure because I love the questions each series presents throughout. But this will have more of a cosmic horror feel to it. Deep characters will be central to how things go. Questions dealing with destiny, when is an interventionist policy worth undertaking or not, the conflict of a person’s faith and logic, the unknown among others.

Project Side Quest

(Really need to work on a better title.)

In an ideal scenario, we would have all the seasons of Project Harbinger done before release. That won’t be the case from an audio, (and other creative outlet[s]), production standpoint. So we will have to fill in the gaps with something else to tide consumers over. These would be slices of fiction set in our world hinting at the broader scope of what is happening elsewhere discussed in Project Harbinger. This would eventually lead for the threads to connect in a cosmic wrecking ball.

What I like about this project is that we could get other authors to take concepts and run with them. I am a sucker for anthologies and collections. This would be similar to those.

Other Projects

These are basically in random order. They would be produced when funds and time would be available.

Project Bard

Pieces based on hand-picked selections done as audio dramas. What if the grim reaper was a bard? Not related to the first two projects but could be a fun concept to break the format. And speaking of breaking the format.

Project Goat Hog

“Its fir was black … so black … blacker than tar. And that sound .. I won’t ever forget that sound as long as I live.”

“It was like a growl and a scream at the same time. That sound will haunt me for the rest of my days.”

“The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up just thinking about it. I could hear this weird snuffling noise comeing from somewhere in the bushes; like some kind of animal rooting around in there. It reminded me of a pig but bigger. Whatever it was, it sounded hungry.”

“When that pair of eyes started moving towards me, I was chilled right down to my very soul. It was like I was looking straight into hell. I don’t know what it wanted but I just knew I had to get away from there before something really bad happened. I could have died that night. To this day, I still have nightmares.”

“What blew my mind at the time is how fast it was. Never seen anything big like that move as quick as it did. And those tusks … those tusks were huge! Bigger than any I’ve seen on a typical wild hog in these parts.”

“You’re gonna think I’m bat shit crazy after telling you this man. (Oh fuck. Am I allowed to say that?) I swear it went to leaping like one of them mountain goats you see on tv. You talk about agile. I couldn’t believe it. Scared? Naw man, I was terrified.”

“I didn’t know what to make of it when it came into the clearing. I still don’t. It looked like the love child of a wild hog and a goat. I know that sounds insane but it had horns and tusks that looked really, really sharp. There was somethin’ in it’s sights and I just kept praying to God that it wasn’t me. I don’t know how long I stayed there in that deer stand but when it moved on, you can bet your life I packed up my shit and left. I haven’t been back that way since.”

Goat hog concept.
Not sure if this is what those people saw so this is our best guess.

If you have ever watched any of those Monster Quest shows or the like, this could be something up your alley. Brief stories telling of a creature that is part goat and part hog. It is a ridiculous concept to be sure but that is what draws me to it. How can you turn something so out of left field into something terrifying?

Project Selfies

This one hits close to my heart. When I wrote the poem, I didn’t know how it would be received of what would become of it at first. The fact it found itself in a tribute anthology to P.G. Hollyfield still blows my mind. We held auditions last year and got some nice talent. Why I haven’t moved forward with things is because the poem is already being recorded for the audio version of the anthology. Once it is out in the wild, then I will contemplate the full cast production of the piece.

So there you have it. These are the projects I want to focus Astral Audio Entertainment’s efforts towards. I have other ideas to be sure; turning “Selfies” into a full anthology of short stories with the stanzas as introductions and a portion of the funds going to a charity chief among them. But I can’t let that take center stage until other things have made their presences felt.

What do you think of each project? Do any of them have you excited? Feel free to speak up and share your thoughts.