Planning for 2015.

Sometimes, an idea starts with one train of thought. Other times, it is like gumbo; a collection of ingredients and flavors that make something wonderful — best had as leftovers the following day after being cooked.

2015 approaches and already changes are coming. The podcast that is the Astral Audio Experience is getting a co-host, it is getting more of a magazine type vibe, and I’d love to show case talented creators along the way (not just with the interviews we have done and will continue to do but present more of their work whenever possible). Audio dramas, samples of fiction, actual art, music, poetry, you name it.

But that isn’t all I have in mind. Each episode ends with me telling you, (the listeners), to “Live it up, play it loud, and embrace each experience.” I want to know what those experiences are. I want to give you the chance to tell your stories. The show will become an audio scrapbook. That is what I feel lead to do after letting things simmer for a while.

Do you like the idea? Do you want to participate? Let me know in the comments.