No Scott Weiland, conversations do not kill.

There are better, (more productive), ways to escape the negative things going on in your life than drugs. Get reading. Get writing, get creating, and ask for help. Conversations are important. The good ones make us think. The great ones not only make us think but drive us into action.

We’ve lost another figure in the music industry tonight. Let’s be honest with ourselves. For those who have been following his career for years, the death watch was on for Scott Weiland. His downward spiral was tragic in of itself. He had become the punchline to many jokes. Help was offered to him multiple times. True, what he did with that help was on him. (If you can’t hold yourself accountable for your own actions, you aren’t ready to truly start on the road to recovery.)

It is never too late to take that step to stop the downward spiral. No one is perfect. Mistakes will be made along the way. That is part of the human experience. We are all works in progress until we have taken our final breaths. But it is what we do after those errors in judgement happen which defines us. Do we dust ourselves off and get back on the horse to ride off in a different direction? or do we let the horse’s hooves beat us down reflecting how we feel on the inside?

Don’t stay silent.