No app for that!

I’ve been having to juggle finding work while also adapting to a lack of forward progress on the project front. Not enough auditions and the lack of motivation to hammer out details has held me in perpetual check until recently.

The idea came when I started investigating video games for mobile platforms. I came across other apps that brought me closer to what I’ve envisioned for my type of interactive storytelling I’ve been wanting to do for years. (See The Inquisitor Adventure – Audiogame, papa Sangre, and The Dark Knight Rises Z+ for iPhone and iPod Touch for examples.)

What I’d like to do is get to work on an app for the iOS and Android platforms as a vehicle to releasing my audio fiction. It would be a project that could change how stories are presented and told. This post is a place for brainstorming and plotting out what could be amazing.

In short, the app would be a serialized story. Each chapter unlocked as a level. Time and weather activated ambiances. Certain events of the story happen at certain times of day (if possible). Push notifications sent to alert the user of events. The user is not the main character but is positioned as a character; able to move around each setting. Character must be in certain locations of the world for narrative or particular scene of the story to take place. I am not sure about the android version but the iOS version would be using the audio 3d engine discussed on the Papa Sangre website as part of the experience.

If you are a content creator, what would you want in an app like this? What parts do you think would enhance your product and which would detract from the story’s progression?

If you are a consumer, would you be interested in purchasing an interactive story like this? Furthermore, would you be interested to hear how it is being made as it is being made in podcast form?

Let’s do some brainstorming in the comments. There aren’t right or wrong answers here. I will say for the moment that if this gets traction, I may consider doing a funding campaign for it once some of the more technical aspects are sorted out.