No app for that! The sequel.

The app idea is taking off. I want to thank the various people who have floated bits of feedback my way since when I first announced it. as it stands, people seem to like the freshness of the idea but have concerns about location-based mechanics or if our app will make you jump through hoops like some other apps who have tried the angle. My response is two-pronged and should hopefully clarify things a bit. also, we will cover a couple more things that I wanted to address in this post that will get the proverbial ball rolling.

First, your location would be used more so in the sense of time (i.e. when you are playing the app). This is important because unlike an audio book where the narrator sets the stage by telling you when time passes, our ap would let you know via sound; both in the form of background sounds of the world and dialog of characters. this presents a challenge in the form of producing a story that is fluid as far as time goes; however, this will hopefully make you feel like you are more a part of the world rather than merely playing the app.

Second, your location would be used to influence the weather of the world which would be then communicated via audio in the ways discussed earlier. Again, I want you to be a part of this world and totally invested in the progress of how things happen.

Next, I want to briefly go over what I have in mind for the story itself. I have (so far) six plot threads to go through for the entire app. This means six different points of view for you to choose from. Some unlocked from the start while others are unlocked after a thread is completed. This will mean that app users can have different experiences from each other over time; also giving the app replay value. There may be more story threads thought of. Further more, some of these may be used as far as stretch goals when a run for funding starts for the app’s production. Each story thread links to the others in some way; forcing the app user to eventually go through all of them to get the entire picture of events and unlocking another story thread where things come to ahead. That is the plan at any rate.

Finally, I am going to give anyone who reads this an assignment of sorts; especially if you have a device that runs iOS. To have an idea of how the audio would work in the app as well as possible objective mechanics, I want you to play through Papa Sangre (iTunes link)

and The Nightjar (iTunes link).
Both games run on what is called the Papa Engine that presents audio in a unique way and opens up different possibilities for how the app would be primarily built. I want you to go through both games and then leave a comment on this post with the following information.

1. Overall thoughts on the game itself after completing it.
2. What did you find most enjoyable about the experience?
3. What did you dislike most?
4. Which event (or events) resonated with you emotionally during the game?
5. How did the game keep you engaged?
6. how did the game disengage you from the game play?
7. How could you see this concept used in our app idea and what should we avoid?
8. How could we improve on their presentation?

Feel free to do multiple posts if necessary; one for each game. I know some of the responses may be redundant but this will also give me an idea of what people generally think and feel about the experiences they have had while playing both games. Also, speculation as to what we can do going forward in the audio and game mechanics arena for our app is highly encouraged.

Remember this app is our story and I want you to be a part of it. Share this post with anyone and everyone you know who would find the topics discussed here interesting. Thanks for participating and I look forward to reading your reactions to two games that have me eager to jump into the deep end.