Motivate your Monday June 3, 2013!

trying a somewhat different aproach to this concept but I think this noodle will stick. Here is what is motivating me this week and why. Also, somethings to ignite your motivations as well. Enjoy!

The Astral Audio Experience has been proverbially dead in the water since our last episode in late 2011. The lack of production has given me time to think on it; reformat what is possible and push ahead. We are going to switch things over to a live broadcast format and then podcast the end results for those who can’t listen when the show airs. I’ve invested in apps to do this from the iPhone and have tested things. Check out this .ogg stream to hear our first live broadcast as I recorded it last week. I’m proud of what I did even with the sluggish responses of opperation at times. I enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to do the next one. I’ll post a link to our stream when I finalize time and dates for the show. Expect another post later in the week where I will go over how I worked my magic on making the iPhone broadcast possible. Isn’t it amazing what technology can do?

What has me motivated this week is the prospect of upgrading equipment for the shows themselves. I have my eyes set on a couple of mics and mixer that will give each program an interesting feel when heard. Also, the mics can be used with a USB interface when broadcasting from the laptop. Want to see what I’m very tempted to buy? Click here. If any of you reading this have any suggestions to which of the accessories I should purchase with the bundle, chime in as soon as possible after reading this post and checking out what they offer. I want to make this the most worthwhile investment with your help.

The other major thing that has me motivated is . It is a game like no other. I’ve been in brief discussions with the lead creator behind the project to help get the game as accessible as possible for when it is released. the link takes you to the Kickstarter page where they are trying to reach their goal of $50000.00. It is a project that has me intrigued since I have ideas for our app. Networking is always a good thing and paying attention to what others are doing, learning from them, and maybe working together opens the doors to new opportunities. I’ve backed the project myself and hope you will do the same. You know if J.C. Hutchins is involved, there is a chance that what is in store is something immersive and enjoyable.

What is motivating you this week?