Midnight Meat Locker Starts August 11th!

Hey Folks, Midnight Meat Locker will be recording its first episode this coming Sunday, August 11th! Instead of doing just a regular live show, we are inviting listeners to tune in and hang out behind the scenes before, during & after the show. We want this show to involve you the listeners as much as possible, and this is one of many ways that we hope to achieve this. So mark your calendars! The official start time of Midnight Meat Locker will be Sunday, August 11th at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific over at http://www.astralaudio.net/live, but tune in 20 minutes early to be a part of the pre-show shenanigans as we prepare to record our first episode, featuring horror film reviews and general genre talk!

that’s right! Zack Daggy is now a part of Astral Audio entertainment! This accounts for the theme change and other nifty behind the scenes stuff coming to our little wonderful plain of existenc