Looking for Readers and Writers

Judging by the amount of views and shares the auditions post is getting, things are starting off right. I’m looking forward to hearing your takes on the characters. This is your chance to make me believe that I’m listening to one of them instead of the person playing him or her.

The next phase is making sure the story being told is the right one. I’m looking for a few beta readers as well as one audio drama script writer to sharpen the dull edges. I want this story to cut deep. There has to be a clear focus amidst all the pros and violence.

Interested parties should leave a comment in this post stating which you’d like to be; beta reader or script writer. Time is important so you must be able to commit to this project. I am shooting for a mid May deadline for the final product which means we have a two month window to hammer out the finer details of the story. We will be doing edits over email; keeping everyone involved in the loop. Thanks to the beta readers will be given in the credits of the episodes and show notes with links to their websites (if appropriate). The script writer will receive the same treatment; however, the wording will be different in the credits.

I’m looking forward to being challenged, learning, and creating a work of art that will entertain listeners as well as fill us with pride. Are you in?