For the past few days, I’ve quietly begun something new on Facebook. What is it and why? Find out after the jump. But first, watch this video.

So what does Fall Out Boy have to do with this new project I’m starting? Not much. But “light” does play a big role in what I’m wanting to do going forward. Here’s my initial Facebook post on the subject. It’s like my new mission statement for me and Astral Audio Entertainment itself.

Yesterday, I made a post about a candle lighting the way. This morning, it got me thinking (and that is before Agent…

Posted by Allen Sale on Thursday, April 30, 2015

For the entire month of may, I will be shining the spotlight on individuals who I feel can be inspirations for you as they are for me. The goal is to give thanks and their just due while encouraging you to do the same for people who are directly (or indirectly) in your life.

Like this idea? How can we build upon it? It all starts with one spark.