Kickstart The Ghost Rebellion.

Update for October 23, 2015: Because of the fluid nature o the statistics in regards to content in this post, I have added a widget that will give you the latest information as it happens.

With 24 days to go, a steampunk novel needs your help if it is to come to light. Double the initial goal, and you help bring two Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences books to the masses. Video pitch with details after the jump and a special announcement!

The wonderful wordsmiths behind this series of novels and more will be making an appearance on the Astral Audio Experience around Halloween. I’m looking forward to this interview a lot. We will dive into inspirations behind this upcoming title among other topics. (No tricks; just treats.)

If you have any questions for Pip and/or Tee, drop me a comment in this post and I’ll try to fit them in. The window closes for questions this coming Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM Eastern.