How to reboot your podcast.

If you want to reboot your podcast, you have to do a few important things.

1. Write down why you think and feel your podcast needs to be rebooted in the first place. If you don’t have good reasons to do so, you should stick with the formula that you have been using. In my case, the Astral Audio Experience has been lacking in content for some time. I knew that to bring the show back I’d have to think about what did listeners like in the past as well as what I could do differently.

2. Listen to old episodes after several months/years to gain a different perspective. For me, I liked some of the things I heard and disliked other parts. This whole taking a step back to view the podcast outside of the creator’s mindset has been helpful.

3. Go to the listeners. This is the main purpose of this post; to get your ideas of what you want to hear on upcoming episodes of the Astral Audio Experience.
A. Anticipate common questions. Will there be audio dramas? That is a goal but they will be only part of the puzzle. Will there be interviews? People seemed to like the ones we’ve done in the past; so yes, they will be coming back. And what about reviews? Ideas are in the works to handle this aspect of the show in better ways. Stay tuned for more information.

So the question is: What segments might you want to hear on the Astral Audio Experience and why? Share your thoughts in the comments and all responses will be replied to accordingly.