Coming soon to The Dax Riggs interview experience.

If you are a fan of metal, the name Dax Riggs may be familiar to you. His band Acid Bath made its way onto the scene in 1994 with the album When The Kite String Pops. It was a mix of multiple sub-genres that played with imagery in layered form. From the John Wayne Gacy artwork, to the song titles, and finally, the lyrics themselves, it broke ground with its presentation and instrumentation.

There’s a lot more to the Dax Riggs story. What he’s done since his Acid Bath days, his influences then and now, what keeps the creative fires burning. We are going to explore these topics and more. Also, we will be filling you in on when and where you can see Dax live. The end result will be posted hear in audio form along withworks from his most recent solo album Say Goodnight To The World.

If you are an Acid Bath fan or a fan of Dax Riggs in general, what questions do you have for him? Speak up in the comments. You’ll find out your answers when the interview drops.