written as a tribute to p.G. Holyfield and others we have lost this year. Themes are presented in the form of self-portraits of various figures; most of them from a fantasy genre. This could also be seen as commentary on social networking and how we don’t truly know people as we should. Auditions… Continue Reading Selfies

REPLACING MAX by Stuart MacBride & Allan Guthrie

o you get with a father, his eleven-year-old daughter, and their visit to a BB run by cat breeders? It is, (perhaps), my favorite story in the entire anthology. What starts out as a charming experience gets increasingly weirder. Why do the residence love the father’s red hair so much? Why is he on… Continue Reading REPLACING MAX by Stuart MacBride & Allan Guthrie

Help kickstart Audio Defence: Zombie Arena!

he makers of Papa Sangre and other titles, comes a game for the undead masses. Look out for more posts about the game and the people behind it. They are trying to raise the flesh-eating hordes to bring this project to life. Here’s the trailer! Like this:Like Loading…

Your feedback wanted.

s a chance to help us make a new audio promo so your responses will count in that process. Go with your gut. Be honest. And more importantly, have fun! When you see or hear the phrase “Astral Audio Experience,” what comes to mind? Leave us a comment or you can respond on Twitter.… Continue Reading Your feedback wanted.

Motivate your Monday June 3, 2013!

a somewhat different aproach to this concept but I think this noodle will stick. Here is what is motivating me this week and why. Also, somethings to ignite your motivations as well. Enjoy! The Astral Audio Experience has been proverbially dead in the water since our last episode in late 2011. The lack of… Continue Reading Motivate your Monday June 3, 2013!

Maven cover

That covers it!

is the day that several of us are combining our powers to reveal the cover of Starla Huchton’s upcoming release Maven; a tale of romance and science fiction which promises to be an interesting read. It is a story that asks,””How far would you go for love?” We meet Dr. Lydia Ashley as she… Continue Reading That covers it!

Astral audio Update 1

spark is all it takes for the fires of inspiration to ignite in the mind. Such is the case for the next ventures involving Astral Audio entertainment. Consider this an introduction for things to come. Feel free to spread this post to your friends and followers. the more interest, the better. Like this:Like… Continue Reading Astral audio Update 1