Auditions for Selfies update.

With two and a half weeks to go for people to step up to the mic and use their vocal talents, I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the turn out thus far. Several roles are tentatively filled but I do want people to audition for all of them. You can never have too many back up performers in the wings. Life happens. People get sick. Work dumps on more of a load than you were expecting to carry. Make my job harder by giving this task your heart and soul (pun not intended).

Of special note, I have a person lined up for the child’s section; however, if you have a child that reads well and can act, submit an audition anyway.

I want to thank everyone who is taking the time to give this project a shot. Even if you aren’t picked, I’m making a mental note of your work ethic and how you are presenting yourselves. Part of this is getting to network with people I haven’t met before. It’s exciting to hear voices I haven’t heard previously.

Astral Audio Entertainment announces new poetry project. (Updated Oct 2; deadline is Oct 17.)

I’ve been hard at work on a project for close to a month and am ready for the next phase in the creative process. Poetry is an emotionally exhausting undertaking when done right. If you can’t feel what you are writing, you aren’t invested in the final piece.

With the loss of P.G. Holyfield and others we have had this year, I decided to brush off my poem writing skills. I feel it is my best poem to date since I began writing poetry over ten years ago. There are meanings, meanings within meanings, and other angles I haven’t discovered. It has been a creative exercise that I have enjoyed even though what spawned it has been quite sad. To say it has taxed me emotionally is an understatement.Continue Reading Astral Audio Entertainment announces new poetry project. (Updated Oct 2; deadline is Oct 17.)

Audition Announcement (Deadline moved to Feb 10.)

As 2012 draws to a close and 2013 opens the door to new beginnings, I wanted to take a few moments to shine the light on an audio project I’ve been pondering for several months. Auditions start today and will go until February 1, 2013. They are to be sent to allen (at) astralaudio (dot) net with “Character Name audition – Your Name” in the subject. File type, file name etc will be specified below along with all the other details repeated for good measure.

Update Jan 27: New deadline is Feb 10 which is a Sunday. Roles will be announced on the 17th. Good luck!Continue Reading Audition Announcement (Deadline moved to Feb 10.)