Captain quest, engage! (My 3 words for 2014.)

2013 was a nice year for Astral Audio Entertainment. We got two podcasts off the ground and the future is looking bright. Three if you count the “Spilling Their Guts” portion. I wanted to take a few moments to lay out the road map for what is to come in the form of my 3 words for 2014 and share the 3 words of others. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, check out the following post by Chris Brogan.


Anyone who knows me well enough won’t be surprised to read that Captain Jean-Luc Picard was one of my heroes growing up. He was guarded, a great communicator, worked with his crew to get things done, went outside the box when necessary, a lover of the arts, a student of history, and well liked as a leader. A good captain is patient, wears many hats, listens to his crew before making important decisions, and takes charge when opportunities present themselves. In my case, it means me taking a more active role in my creative circles. Offer to do as much voice work as time allows, get my hands dirty and assist in audio productions, help others with their ideas, and when asked, take a lead role in content creation. It is about using my skills to bring out the best in others.


Every good hero needs a quest; a goal so he or she can be a better person when all is said and done. I’m good at connecting the dots; figuring out where people fit in helping others achieve results. Where I’ve slacked off is actually moving forward with my vision; not “boldly going” where I know I needed to go. Further more, I didn’t have enough people in my party to accomplish the more difficult tasks. I’m wanting the Astral Audio Experience to be the podcast that informs, entertains, and inspires you to be and do better. If there are interviews I want to conduct, I need to simply go for them. If there’s an artist or creative work I want you to know about, I need to share it. I need to treat each day as it’s own quest; not a chance for failure but an opportunity to gain experience. Some quests will be solo while others will require others’ help; the trick is keeping an open mind and let them lead if they know what they’re doing better than I do. This also means giving others the platform to showcase their work and let Astral Audio Entertainment be their creative outlet.


Engage means multiple things for me. It reminds me to stay involved in the creative process. It nudges me forward to finish what I start. It means finding ways to keep you readers and listeners involved in what is created. I have a podcast that is coming back full time, continued work on the horror news and review show Midnight Meat Locker, reviews to write when the mood strikes, and an interactive audio app to plan. I’m wanting to fit in some actual audio drama production in there as well because I’ve been too silent on that front. When in doubt, always be creating/doing something.

Others’ 3 words for 2014.

“Storyteller habits collaboration.” –Sue Baiman

“Sharpen outside victories.” –C.C. Chapman

“Maintain perspective. Persist.” –Veronica Giguere

“Egocentric persistence. Risks.” — Mur Lafferty

How else can I view my 3 words for 2014? What angles did I miss? Share your thoughts in the comments along with your 3 words for the year. If you have a post on the subject, I’ll do my best to keep a list of them above. Here’s to a year where you live it up, play it loud, and embrace each experience.

Captain quest, engage!