Astral audio Update 1

Just a spark is all it takes for the fires of inspiration to ignite in the mind. Such is the case for the next ventures involving Astral Audio entertainment. Consider this an introduction for things to come. Feel free to spread this post to your friends and followers. the more interest, the better.

The Spark

The website is needing to be filled with content. So starting today, I will do my best to write often; about the works in progress, the ideas for the future, things that motivate and inspire me or capture my fancy, and how things are getting done. It is a schedule I have to keep; a way to hold myself acountible and lay out as many cards on the table as possible without showing you the entire hand. Expect these posts to happen several times a week.

The First Flames

The first of the new ventures is this: A podcast built around reviewing a multitude of things. Films, books, (these could be in audio form, written etc), and music. I want to have a core group of panelists to help me dissect and evaluate each medium in turn; all the while doing it with humor and a willingness to learn. I came up with the idea after watching a few films and getting the urge to review them like I used to when I was a part of Midnight Spookshow.

The core group should be of about three or four and leave room for a fifth guest panelist to keep things interesting. Or have it as a group of three with two slots open. I’m flexible on this point. The show would be podcasted once or twice a month with segments sent out as part of the promotional materials. Panelists would be encouraged to put a copy of the episode in their podcast feeds (if appropriate) or link to the episodes if they do not currently podcast.

If you would like to be considered as a panelist (either recurring or occasional guest), let me know in the comments. Please give a little info about what interests you and why. If you haven’t reviewed anything before, no problem; the willingness to experience something new is awesome in my book. However, someone who has taken the time to critique films, books etc will get more notice from me. Proof would be highly encouraged. I want to become known for producing a podcast that entertains, engages, and enlightens rather than be known for producing a show that simply fills up audio space with below average reviews and quality. We will shoot for a February launch date.

The Fire Grows Brighter

Speaking of shows, The Astral Audio Experience will eventually return with samples of the reviews mentioned earlier as well as other highlights of Astral Audio entertainment programming and written content making it live up to the “news, reviews, interviews” etc I used to have in the official promo. It is a more suted direction for what I have in mind and leaves no room for wandering off into strange territory. Think of it like an audio magazine bringing you updates of what is happening with Astral Audio entertainment itself and people we have worked with/interviewed.

I am looking for someone to be my co-host on this as well. If interested, do like mentioned earlier and leave a comment with your qualifications. A launch date for this will be sometime in January or February.

Stoking The Flames

There’s a lot more I have planned for Astral Audio entertainment and can’t do it alone. Things will take time to get them where I want them.
There’s a website to maintain. There are audio podcasts to produce. There are stories to write and edit. Safe to say, I have plenty of positions to be filled. These are all voluntary for the present. As seeds are planted, grow, and blossom, so to will the opportunities for positions to become paid assuming we do all we can in the coming months. I’ll go into more detail about these in the following days.

I’m confident that we can build this place back to where it was before and make it better; more like what it should be, a community of creative doers who turn dreams into realities. Do you want to join? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!