Astral Audio Entertainment turned up to eleven!

This is it; the start of a new year for two things. was launched on May 17, 2008. and May 17 is also my birthday.

While all of the written content from then has gone poof thanks to mishaps with upgrades, the memories and support still lingers. So this year is going to be about pushing out as much written content as possible. Some of it will be about the app in progress, some about writing in general, and others will be highlighting the work of people who have my attention in the creative space. Podcasts will be coming along when I can fit them in. Give the audio time; it will be coming. I’ll also fit in various reviews when possibe.

Here’s to a new year and all the experiences it will bring. Thanks for being a supporter of each project we have undertaken. And I hope to have you along for the ride in the coming months. and thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday. You have kept me smiling and grateful for knowing each one of you.