Astral Audio Entertainment: The Reboot

Eight months of darkness, (no major hint or word), ends now. The short answer for the really long absence is that I ended up moving to Mississippi and had no internet. This is offset by my now being in Ruston Louisiana at the Louisiana Center for the Blind to sharpen some of my skills as I prep for a stint in Arkansas to go for my assistive technology instructor certification. That will help pay the bills and allow me to enable others to succeed in the long run. If there’s one truth I’ve learned in my life, it’s that I’m an enabler; the kind that helps others help themselves.

Besides my new-found direction in career goals, I also took a long hard look at the writing projects. As a result, the short stories are on the back burner for now. Instead, I’m focusing on the first novel which I hope to release into the wild either next year or in 2014; it just will depend on timing.

Astral Audio Entertainment will be producing a preview of the novel as it’s own stand alone project called “The Bloodletting.” The goal is to have it primed for a late 2012 or early 2013 release. I will give more info on it next week. But for now, I am looking for several people to be beta readers on it. If you have the time and are interested, comment on this post letting me know that you want the chance to help me make magic happen.

As I’ve hinted at on Twitter, Astral Audio Entertainment will begin the third season of the Astral Audio Experience in September. We will be doing interviews with various influencers; many of whom have impacted me over the years. The twist is that we won’t be just dealing with content creators; instead, we will be getting to know people from other areas as well. I hope to provide a glimpse into the people and motivations that have helped make me the person you have come to know over the past several years. It will be a serious look behind the curtain. It has me excited and a tad uncomfortable since I do try to keep a lot of stuff private. And yet, I owe you this chance to go through the self-discoveries old and new. It will hopefully inspire and entertain you along the way. For as much as it will be a learning experience for you, it also will be one for me. I want you to be there for the ride. I want you to encourage others to climb aboard. Are you up for the challenge?

Because of unforeseen events, all the content from the early days to the present of this website has gone into the unknown. So this is truly a reboot of how Astral Audio Entertainment presents itself going forward. That is the key; forward movement and rolling with the punches. I could sink into a pretty good pit of self-loathing; however, I choose to look at things through the prism of being given a chance to start anew. I want you to help shape who we are in the coming weeks and months. again I ask you, are you up for the challenge?