Astral Audio Autopsies episodes 1 and 2 announcement.

Currently, I am looking for the first groups of people to join me in carving up two works of created content. The first is the horror film Sinister. the second is the novel Dreams and Shadows. Why these two? They were both written by C. robert Cargill.

The way this will work is roughly as follows. Each piece will be discussed at length. What we liked about it? What we didn’t? and most importantly, would we recommend it? Also, a bonus bit, how does the author’s influence of one work impact the other?

If any of this sounds interesting to you, leave a comment. I hope to have two or three people for each discussion. The only real requirement is that you watch/read the work being examined before we put it under the microscope. If one of the volunteers would be willing to plow through both, that would be awesome.

I hope to have all parties available for sometime this month so we can knock this out the park as it were. The discussions would be conducted on Skype and podcasted afterwards. When appropriate, links to the volunteers’ websites would be given in the show notes of the episode along with brief blurbs of a final pitch for each product.

So, who’s interested? Leave a comment and let me know. Be sure to tell me if you want to just examine Sinister, Dreams and Shadows, or both. also, quick blurb as to your experience with reviewing content. Thanks in advance. Deadline for volunteers is Sunday July 14.