Announcing All Cheerleaders Die directors interview and more.

Things have slowed down a bit haven’t they? We started the month off with a bang cranking out review after review; then bam, wham, Thwack, zap, kapow. Relative silence. Static. Dare I say fuzzy logic coupled with the actual explanation to follow after the jump.

I have an anthology to finish reviewing here on the site. I’ve been testing a new theme which we will be using for the foreseeable future unless something more useful shows up. The reviews will begin again on Monday; short story per day until the Dark Duets anthology is finished. Full review of the entire work to follow. Those are the plans that I started and will finish. I’ve been distracted as of late.

Behind the scenes, I have been doing some networking to get the launching of the Astral Audio Experience going. To that end, Thursday June 5 will mark the date I interview film directors Chris Sivertson and Lucky McKee; the team behind the film All Cheer Leaders Die which has been reviewed extensively on the Midnight Meat Locker. Thom and I covered it this week. Slight spoiler, Zack is carving it up on the upcoming episode which drops into the feed the same day that I’m recording the interview. Perfect timing. I love it when things just work out like that.

What will make this interview stand out? I’m putting an Astral Audio Experience twist on the production. You’ll hear the results either on Saturday June 7 or Sunday June 8; it depends on timing. I’m considering this the official first episode of the podcast that is making a return after several years faded into silence. It is the much needed reboot. I’m looking forward to what is sure to be a fun first outing for the show in the somewhat new format. You will hear from the creators of a film that has captured my imagination and hopefully, yours as well when the dust settles. There are some surprises but no spoilers for those. I want you to enjoy the ride as it happens.

If you have any questions for the directors, go ahead and drop them in the comments. I may get to use them in the interview. Thanks for checking us out. Feel free to spread the word.