31 Days Of Halloween: Blumhouse.com gets relaunched!

In the spirit of the most spooktacular month of October, Astral Audio Entertainment is giving you 31 days of horror/Halloween related content. Be sure to come back daily (if you dare) for all the treats, (and maybe a few tricks), we have in store.

Frequent visitors of the site and listeners of the podcasts I have been involved in will know I am generally a fan of projects with Blumhouse attached to them. Sinister is a good example. The film was great commentary on what we do to ourselves as fans of horror the decisions people make, how those decisions affect others etc. But now, Blumhouse is going an extra mile by giving horror fans a look behind the scenes of projects, news in the horror community at large, and other bloody bits. They just relaunched their official website an is our spotlight for today. They are going to be adding content regularly and have a list of people in the writing/reviewing/fan communities involved. It is a promising start as we begin our ghoulish journey for this month.