My 3 words for 2015.

2015 is starting off with welcome changes in the air. new year, a new focus (as discussed last November), and a renewal of our Motivational Mondays series. I hope to be more personal here on the main site and let you know what is happening and why. To that end, we launch into my 3 words for 2015 as well as a recap of how last year fared.

Captain Quest, Engage: The Recap

The Midnight Meat Locker did well for much of the year. But schedules were becoming tight and creative energies were changing. I also began producing the audio for Cast of Wonders. The “sweet sweet freezer” had to be closed down. Will it come back in 2015? I’d like it to if time allows. However, that isn’t my ship to sheperd. I can say that the itch to review films (not just horror ones) is growing. I don’t know if a podcast will be the right outlet this time or if things will go in a different direction.

As a captain of sorts, I had to brush a lot of what I wanted to do aside last year. And admittedly, I let the fear of failure be the excuse for some of that inactivity. Quests were kept to a minimum of playing it safe. But towards the end of last year, I started thinking of a project that could excite me, force me to network with people, and get me back to producing audio in a round-about fashion for Astral Audio Entertainment rather than just the flagship podcast. Hint: The app idea I had in 2013 would be worked on.

Speaking of audio, I invested time and money last year on getting things set up so I could start editing audio as a paid venture. If you look on the main navigation sidebar, you will see a link to a page describing the services I now offer. I’m excited about this and hopeful to be working with people in 2015.

I began writing written reviews last year. I quite enjoyed it. There’s an anthology series I have to finish putting up reviews for and that will be done perhaps before my trip this month. I also got to write up something for SFF Audio and am working on another review for them this week with other book reviews to follow when time allows.

So the Captain Quest is still engaged and still going. I’m okay with this. I viewed last years words as the foundation to build upon which brings us to today.


Last year was a rough year of ups and downs for a lot of people. I did my best whenever possible to lift up and encourage others. I want to make that a core tenant of this year in all aspects of my life. If it is sharing stories by interviewing people or my own personal experiences, I will do it. If it is being there to comfort someone going through a hard time, I’ll be there. If a light is harbored by one person and not shared, there is no real value to it. Whether it is me as a person or a project I’m involved in, I want it to be said that people were inspired by the light.


“Each day is a gift. Treasure it. Use the time wisely.” It’s what I tell myself daily and have been reminded of especially after losing friends last year. There has to be a clear sense of purpose to what you do and why you do it. My hope is that you enjoy your time here and want to share your experiences. I talked about an audio scrapbook of sorts at the end of November. But I want you to have a hand in it; making it not just my book but yours as well.


Even if we stumble and fall from the path we laid for ourselves, we should rise back to our feet and keep going. Set bars for us to reach and surpass because we will be better for going beyond what we and others expect of us. We are our own worst enemy. And sometimes it is our own walls that keep us out of doing the things we want/love to do. We have to treat those walls as reasons to climb up over them and rise to every occasion presented. How badly do we want it?

What are your 3 words for this year? Did you do this exercise last year? What were the results? Speak up in the comments.