1984: Thirty years later.

I started AstralAudio.net in 2008 unsure of where it would go. I had ideas; some of which you got to hear over the years while others faded. I wanted to take a moment out of my birthday celebrations, (I’m now a part of that 30 and over club), to thank each person that has subscribed, visited, or spread the word about this slightly off corner of the web. The thought that I can brighten someone’s day if only for a few minutes by listening to a podcast I’m on or produce makes me happy.

There are interviews with awesome people coming to the site. Film directors, voice actors, novelists, and music artists. I’m excited. As I told someone earlier today, there are clear skies and the future is looking bright.

I want to ignite your imagination and inspire you to be better; that is the goal of the podcast which will be relaunching in the coming weeks. If you have ideas on how we can accomplish this, drop a note in the comments!