Three reasons to listen to this audio drama.

I am a huge fan of what can be done in the audio realms; specifically, the audio drama space. I’ve played a little bit with it here. I produce podcasts pretty often but don’t listen to many these days; however, one i am subscribed to has had me hooked since I heard the first episode. As a little treat for you all, you will find three promos I’ve produced for this particular show after the jump.Continue Reading Three reasons to listen to this audio drama.

No Scott Weiland, conversations do not kill.

There are better, (more productive), ways to escape the negative things going on in your life than drugs. Get reading. Get writing, get creating, and ask for help. Conversations are important. The good ones make us think. The great ones not only make us think but drive us into action.Continue Reading No Scott Weiland, conversations do not kill.

Astral Audio Entertainment needs your help.

For years, Astral Audio Entertainment has been funded purely out of pocket. This has been a place to share creative ideas, provide a platform for projects, and give you insight on the kinds of content that keep the imagination firing on all cylinders. While you are browsing online for this holiday season, please consider using this link if Amazon is where you plan to do the bulk of your shopping. A percentage will go towards keeping the site going. There are changes I want to make in 2016 but they can’t be done without your help.

Halloween 2015: The Tee And Pip Experience

Tee and pip hijack the Astral Audio Experience in a one hour interview covering the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences — What it is, their current Kickstarter, influences, what they hope to achieve if enough funds are raised, and more. Some of the highlights are given below. We covered so much; we are bound to miss some things.Continue Reading Halloween 2015: The Tee And Pip Experience

Reflections and a question.

Today marks the three year anniversary since my father, (Arthur Gene Sale in the picture with me above), suddenly passed away due to a heart attack; he was four months away from turning 61. I’m writing this today as a way to reflect on things and to pose a question to you.Continue Reading Reflections and a question.

Kickstart The Ghost Rebellion.

Update for October 23, 2015: Because of the fluid nature o the statistics in regards to content in this post, I have added a widget that will give you the latest information as it happens.

With 24 days to go, a steampunk novel needs your help if it is to come to light. Double the initial goal, and you help bring two Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences books to the masses. Video pitch with details after the jump and a special announcement!Continue Reading Kickstart The Ghost Rebellion.

What’s keeping me up at night?

Conversations with awesome people? Fiction writing projects? Research? Movies? Nope. None of these. At the moment, it is an anthology of horror stories destined to be reviewed here on the site. How I’m going to approach it is still a little bit of a mystery; who’s solution is lurking in the shadows not wanting to be seen just yet. The tentative plan is to have it on the slab on October 31 but we will see. It may just be a written review. It might be a podcast round table discussion. Hopefully both.

If you want to play along, you have some time to dive in to these Fearful Symmetries. Leave a comment if you want to participate.

Locke & Key is coming!

The folks at are releasing Joe Hill’s Lock & Key in audio drama form this coming Monday. I’m excited because the cast looks like it will be a good one. I will be reviewing this at some point during the month. To tide you over, here is an interview he did with MTV about the audio drama among other things.

31 Days Of Halloween: gets relaunched!

In the spirit of the most spooktacular month of October, Astral Audio Entertainment is giving you 31 days of horror/Halloween related content. Be sure to come back daily (if you dare) for all the treats, (and maybe a few tricks), we have in store.Continue Reading 31 Days Of Halloween: gets relaunched!