What’s keeping me up at night?

Conversations with awesome people? Fiction writing projects? Research? Movies? Nope. None of these. At the moment, it is an anthology of horror stories destined to be reviewed here on the site. How I’m going to approach it is still a little bit of a mystery; who’s solution is lurking in the shadows not wanting to be seen just yet. The tentative plan is to have it on the slab on October 31 but we will see. It may just be a written review. It might be a podcast round table discussion. Hopefully both.

If you want to play along, you have some time to dive in to these Fearful Symmetries. Leave a comment if you want to participate.

Locke & Key is coming!

The folks at Audible.com are releasing Joe Hill’s Lock & Key in audio drama form this coming Monday. I’m excited because the cast looks like it will be a good one. I will be reviewing this at some point during the month. To tide you over, here is an interview he did with MTV about the audio drama among other things.

31 Days Of Halloween: Blumhouse.com gets relaunched!

In the spirit of the most spooktacular month of October, Astral Audio Entertainment is giving you 31 days of horror/Halloween related content. Be sure to come back daily (if you dare) for all the treats, (and maybe a few tricks), we have in store.Continue Reading 31 Days Of Halloween: Blumhouse.com gets relaunched!

Raising the curtain on new creative ventures.

Why come up with one idea when you can create several! It is like a transdimensional creature sprouting new tentacles. I have my limits though so some really vague concepts won’t be done right now. What I will attempt to do in this post is lay out the projects from most important to least which I feel need to be developed. This is also my way to hold myself accountable, let you know what is in the works, and get your feedback. (This post was inspired by Tee Morris.Continue Reading Raising the curtain on new creative ventures.

Evil tease: The Blumhouse Book of Nightmares.

I am in the midst of listening to several titles. Reviews (mostly) here will be posted as time allows. Here is the trailer for one I’m very excited about from Blumhouse Books!

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

Writing blindly.

To tell a story, you need characters, a setting, and plot. But what happens when the way you portray a character, (in this case, a type of character), contradicts your personal, (and publicly acknowledged), philosophy on how people should be treated on the whole? I encountered this while reading Clive Barker’s most recent offering The Scarlet Gospels which came out earlier this month. To put it bluntly, I was stunned and disappointed. This post is not meant to be an actual review of the novel; that will come sometime next week or the week after. Instead, I want to highlight my biggest gripe with The Scarlet Gospels under its own merits. I want my opinion of a conscientious choice to be removed from my thoughts and views about the book as a work of fiction. Some spoilers will be present. I will do my best to avoid major ones though wherever possible. nor is this an indictment of Clive Barker as a person. He has simply made the mistake of misrepresentation as many people do.Continue Reading Writing blindly.


For the past few days, I’ve quietly begun something new on Facebook. What is it and why? Find out after the jump. But first, watch this video.

Continue Reading LIGHT EM UP!