Astral Audio Entertainment announces new poetry project.

I’ve been hard at work on a project for close to a month and am ready for the next phase in the creative process. Poetry is an emotionally exhausting undertaking when done right. If you can’t feel what you are writing, you aren’t invested in the final piece.

With the loss of P.G. Holyfield and others we have had this year, I decided to brush off my poem writing skills. I feel it is my best poem to date since I began writing poetry over ten years ago. There are meanings, meanings within meanings, and other angles I haven’t discovered. It has been a creative exercise that I have enjoyed even though what spawned it has been quite sad. To say it has taxed me emotionally is an understatement.

Poetry is best brought to life when spoken aloud. To this end, I am announcing that we are going to take auditions for the various stanzas. The final result will be podcasted in late November (or sooner). Filled in roles will be denoted with an asterisk by them and updated accordingly with the voice talent when appropriate.

I’m not releasing the poem’s title until it premiers. What I will say for the moment is that each stanza is approached from a different point of view; hence why I would like a full voice cast for this project. Themes are presented in the form of self-portraits of various figures; most of them from a fantasy genre. This could also be seen as commentary on social networking and how we don’t truly know people as we should. (Like I said earlier, meanings within meanings.) Each portrait ends with a word connected to that point of view; sometimes clarifying what/who it is and at other times, bringing things to a fine point.

Auditions should be sent to Allen [at] Astral Audio [dot] net with “your_name+character” in the subject line. Files are to be recorded and encoded as 44100hz and 128-bit mp3; labeled as “your_name+character”
for easy reference. Most of these are not gender specific. Final deadline for these will be October 17 but the sooner I can have roles nailed down, the better. Leave any questions or comments in this post and I’ll address them as needed.

Thank you to those who decide to audition. You will be helping to bring a personal piece of art to life. I haven’t had a project take hold of me like this in quite a while and I’m eager to see how far we can take it.


(young girl preferred but flexible)

Line 1:

I want to know
all the things
and have all the feelings
before the magic fades away.
I want to keep them safe
like fireflies in a jar
because they are so pretty
and make me happy
every time I look at them.


Line 1:

I’m searching for the priceless treasures,
the pearls of wisdom,
the rare gems,
the mementos of your life’s work
amidst the flotsam and jetsam
of your everyday activities;
shipwrecks of doomed ventures
violently dashed
upon the unforgiving reefs of reality.

Line 2

I’m weighed down by my plight;
it threatens to drown me.
The dark storm cloud hovers over my head
like a vulture waiting for death to come.
Lightning is the gleam in its eyes
and thunder is its laughter.



Line 1:

I’m a dragon
fast asleep on her bed
of piles from the past;
both recent and forgotten.
What can I say?
I really love shiny things
with an all consuming, burning passion.

Line 2:

The distant pain reminds me
of what it took to get here.
The people lost interest.
We became the scapegoat
for their attention deficit disorder.
From protectors to predators
and gods to monsters.


Line 1:

I journeyed through the dark paths,
read the forbidden tomes,
and found secrets I should have kept hidden.
There are reasons some things
are best left alone.


Line 1:

I’m enraged by the twittering,
the snapping,
the commenting,
the chattering voices
that pitter-patter about in my skull
like bats in a belfry
or rats in a maze.

Line 2:

I can’t concentrate
as I flip through the pages
of the book of faces.
They stare at me
with those hollow gazes
and wearing such vapid smiles.
Who do they think they are fooling?


Line 1:

I’m a zombie
shuffling, stumbling, and crawling
throughout my undead existence
as if I were some blithering idiot.
I have no priest to guide me;
no necromancer to rule my actions.
I’m a putrid puppet
in a no strings attached relationship.

Line 2:

Who was I again?
I don’t remember.
My so-called friends don’t even know.
Will you recognize me
before I’m just another skeleton
trapped in your closet?


Line 1:

I am blind
to all the colors around me.
There’s no black and white;
only two-hundred and fifty-six shades of gray.
I’m an ectoplasmic shell of my former self.


Line 1:

I stealthily climb
the walls and battlements
you built up over time
to keep your precious heart safe
from rogues like me.

Line 2:

Character assassination
at its finest
as I stab you in the back
and then cut your throat.
At least you get the red carpet treatment, right?
Isn’t that what you wanted?


Line 1:

Master me, and I will be your saving grace.
Fall to me, and you shall be my thrall.
You will never see me coming
but I can be heard
in the faintest of whispers
and amidst the racing heartbeats.
It all starts with one seed
planted where you least expect it.

Line 2:

I catch your dreams
and shatter them to pieces
like porcelain dolls,
crystal chandeliers,
and glass menageries.
The emotional shards cut deep,
burrow into your subconscious,
take root,
and reemerge
as living, breathing nightmares.


Line 1:

I’m a samurai
who has fought valiantly
for many years
to quell the storm within myself.
I’m highly versed
in the ways of the warrior.
my enemies,
(Age and Time),
have me surrounded
like a couple of ravenous wolves.

Line 2:

They won’t take my life.
They won’t take my dignity.
My fighting spirit is unbreakable;
for I have honor.
I am unafraid.
I am at peace
as I write my death poem.
My second stands at the ready.
All that looms before me is the present.


Line 1:

I stand alone;
the stoic, resolute guardian
The waves of emotions
batter me from all angles.
The fog envelops me
in a suffocating miasmic blanket.

Line 2:

I mourn the loss
of the vessels that have faced dire ends.
I can shed no tears.
I can only watch
and shine a light
on the path each one can take.
I am helpless to do much more
but hopeful they will find their way.


Line 1:

I am the looking-glass
that reflects the memories of your mind
and the experiences of your heart;
I am unable to be tarnished
by negative events.
I’m the fire
that can’t be extinguished
and burns brightest
in the darkest places

Line 2:

I’m the reminder
that life is about the little moments
you encounter through your journey;
the lessons you learn,
the fears you face,
the tears you shed,
the laughter and smiles shared with loved ones,
and every victory earned.

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