My 3 words for 2015.

2015 is starting off with welcome changes in the air. new year, a new focus (as discussed last November), and a renewal of our Motivational Mondays series. I hope to be more personal here on the main site and let you know what is happening and why. To that end, we launch into my 3 words for 2015 as well as a recap of how last year fared.Continue Reading My 3 words for 2015.

The time is now.

If you are needing audio producing done in the next several weeks and don’t have the time to do it yourself, I have spots open. I can help you with promos, transitions, show intros and outros, and more. A full list of audio services I provide can be found here. Contact me as soon as possible if you want me to work with you. I am accepting bookings until the end of the month and perhaps the first week of January.

Planning for 2015.

Sometimes, an idea starts with one train of thought. Other times, it is like gumbo; a collection of ingredients and flavors that make something wonderful — best had as leftovers the following day after being cooked.

2015 approaches and already changes are coming. The podcast that is the Astral Audio Experience is getting a co-host, it is getting more of a magazine type vibe, and I’d love to show case talented creators along the way (not just with the interviews we have done and will continue to do but present more of their work whenever possible). Audio dramas, samples of fiction, actual art, music, poetry, you name it.

But that isn’t all I have in mind. Each episode ends with me telling you, (the listeners), to “Live it up, play it loud, and embrace each experience.” I want to know what those experiences are. I want to give you the chance to tell your stories. The show will become an audio scrapbook. That is what I feel lead to do after letting things simmer for a while.

Do you like the idea? Do you want to participate? Let me know in the comments.

Thanksgiving mesage for 2014.

I love this time of year. It is a bitter sweet kind of love though. On one hand, there are memories and moments shared with the people I care about, good food enjoyed, and a chance to be grateful for what has been/what is to come. On the other hand, I think about the people no longer with us; some closer to my heart than others. All important. All missed. Each one brought something to the table and should be remembered for it.

Astral Audio Entertainment hasn’t had much to show for in the form of audio content. What I’m thankful for is each one of you who visits and shares what is launched into the world. We’ve had a lot of fun reviewing horror films in the Midnight Meat Locker. We started reviewing the Dark Duets anthology (which will be finished before year’s end). We weren’t able to get Dax Riggs scheduled but the door is far from closed on that one. It was great to have the directors of All Cheerleaders Die available to talk about their horror comedy.

I’m thankful for everyone who auditioned for the “Selfies” project. Emails will be sent out next week or so. We are putting it on the back burner as far as an official release because of a change in direction. I’ve had time to think on it. It is a poem that is rather dear to me and deserves to be presented in a special way.

Speaking of special, “Selfies” is going to be released in written form very soon. I’ll shed more light on it when the time comes.

I want to know what you are thankful for. The good, the not so good, all of it. Share your reflections in the comments.

Image is everything.

A commercial can make or break your brand, your product, or your next event. You want to capture the listening audience, have your message articulated
well, and the opportunity there for your potential customer’s taking. If things appear murky, unclear, and unfocused, your moment in the sun is gone. Lost
attention means lost income. Even in audio presentations, image is everything.

I want to help you achieve your goals and give your work the spotlight it deserves. Whether it is a promo or show parts for your podcast, an audio trailer
for your next book, or a commercial for your upcoming live event, you should work with someone who can produce things in a quick efficient manner. Turn
around time is important. You want your listeners to understand what you provide or produce. You want them to b excited and inspired to act upon it.

I have been involved with audio production in various forms since 2007 and am of the school of thought that quality is better than quantity. I want to work with you to bring your vision to life in audio form. The less time you need to spend on the extra audio bells and whistles means the more time for you to do what you do best; create engaging content.

Interested parties should drop me a note by using the contact page of our site. We will discuss your vision, rates information, and how we can make the magic happen for your audience.

The Shaman’s Harvest Experience

(right click to download and save target as.)

What do you get when you have your host Allen Sale and the lead singer of Shaman’s Harvest Nathan Hunt talking for almost an hour? Dangerous results. Here is some of what you can expect. While you are listening, check out our review of the album.Continue Reading The Shaman’s Harvest Experience